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Jule and Lena

Yesterday Jule, a shepard whatevermix, rescued by Lena passed by. We had a lot of fun, treats and took some really nice images! See all images here

Fiete 4 monate alter ELO

Here comes “Fiete”

        Der 4 monatige ELO Rüde “Fiete” war zu Besuch um schöne Fotos auf dem Holzblock zu bekommen. Begleitet wurde er von seiner Hundeführerin Josi!

Actual in the dogs magazine

I was asked to deliver 14 images for the titel story. Great format for a dog magazine. Have a look online or get the mag at your lokal kiosk!

the cutest cat on earth!

“Perle” 10 week Siam visited me the last days, well really, I mean REALLY, this is the cutest cat on earth! Donate for my Book!

Video shoot with the NDR Enjoy!

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